Rotary Clubs of Ojai Living Treasures


Living Treasures...
utilizing our community's greatest resource, Its people.





How do I Nominate a Living Treasure?

Just Click Here for a Form.

When can I nominate?

The Living Treasures nomination period is open once a year in the Ojai Valley. This year the nomination period for the 2003-04 will be from March 3rd through 9th.

How do I get a ballot?

1) Printed nomination ballots are distributed throughout the Ojai Valley community from March 3rd through 9th. They can be found at Little House, Oak View Post Office, and many business establishments in the Ojai area.

2) You can print a ballot from this site. Click here. After printing and completing the ballot you can mail it or drop it at Dr. Fred Fauvre's office at 1320 Maricopa Highway, Ojai, CA or fax the form to him at 646-3150

Who can nominate a Living Treasures?

The nominators may be of any age as long as they reside or work in the Ojai Valley.

Who can I nominate?

Living Treasures can be of any age, sex, nationality, faith or vocation. Past Living Treasures have ranged from High School students to a bedridden elderly woman of 92 years. There is no discrimination in the heart of a Living Treasures.

1) Living Treasures must live or work in the Ojai Valley.

2) They must be citizens of integrity.


3) The objective is to spread the centeredness we all crave, the inner peace and vitality when we are expressing ourselves fully at our highest and best.

4) Does this person you are nominating have this effect on others in their presence?

Don't try to second-guess what your Living Treasures nominee might offer in their program. You might not be aware of all their hidden talents or interests.

Don't try to second-guess whether or not they would accept the nomination. Sometimes having someone else recognize these wonderful characteristics in ourselves gives us the confidence to let them shine.

Help them shine!

Can I nominate more than one person?
Yes, there is no limit on how many Living Treasures you nominate. Just remember this is not a popularity contest. Take some time to ask the above questions in regard to each person.

When will I know if my nominee accepted and was selected as a Living Treasures ?
You will receive a letter in the mail acknowledging you nomination. Living Treasures are announced to the public on or around May 1st.

How long are Living Treasures obligated?
Living Treasures agree to be available for contact for a period of one year, March to March. Each subsequent year they will have the opportunity to recommit or decline.

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