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utilizing our community's greatest resource, Its people.




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Rotary Clubs of Ojai Living Treasures is a simple organization that recognizes individuals in the community and supports them in their commitment to be of service to others. They are members of our community whose presence inspires inner peace and vitality in those around them.

Living Treasures is now a joint project sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Ojai and Ojai West. Prior to 2002, Living Treasures honored many deserving people. To access this site, click on the Living Treasures of Ojai Website button to the left.

Each March through a community-wide nomination process, individuals are recommended to serve as Living Treasures.

Click here for a ballot and a list of previous Living Treasures.

Many Living Treasures develop and offer a specific program featuring their gift or expertise. It may be acting as a senior citizen role model, offering an art internship, speaking to new parents, reading with children or being available for counsel to single moms. These services are offered free of charge to all.


*ROTARIANS plan and carry our a remarkable variety of humanitarian,educational, and cultural exchange programs that touch people's lives in their local communities and our world community.

* ROTARY is The Rotary Foundation, which each year provides some $90 million for international scholarships, cultural exchanges, and humanitarian projects large and small that improve the quality of life for millions of people. Rotary is widely regarded as the world's largest private provider of international educational scholarships.

* ROTARY is PolioPlus, Rotary's commitment to work with national and international health organizations on the goal of polio eradication by the year 2005, Rotary's 100th anniversary. More than one billion children in developing nations have been immunized against polio through PolioPlus Grants.


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